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Quiz Two


Quiz Two

Salt Lake International Driving School LLC, (Feb 2021)

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The minimum age to obtain a Utah driving privilege is

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It is illegal to have a _______________, on your motor vehicle.

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You should ONLY make a U-TURN

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The basic speed law for a residential area is

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The traffic sign shown means

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All passengers under ______ of age, should wear seat or child restraining belts

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It is prohibited to park within ___ feet of a fire hydrant.

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Insurance rates for of a 40 year old will likely be higher than a rate for a 16 year old-depending on driving record

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Which of the following has the priority in controlling traffic at an intersection?

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Farm tractor operators are required to have a Utah Driver’s License.

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A flashing yellow light, like the one shown on the bottom

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As a good driver, you should always

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You are required to report all motor vehicle accident to police if

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A proper following distance under normal freeway and passing condition can be determined by using the

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Slow driving, like driving 10 or more miles under the speed limit is not always safe driving

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It’s illegal to modify, remove or fail to repair a motor vehicle airbag.

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The traffic sign means

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All individuals under 19 years of age, applying for a Utah driver’s license for the first time must complete ________ hours of driving a motor vehicle; of which ______ hours MUST be completed in an approved driver education course.

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An SR-22 is only required for motorcycle riders.

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All of the following is true about roundabouts EXCEPT

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The traffic sign shown means

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You can legally be considered impaired and arrested for driving under the influence, even if your BAC is below the State legal limit; depending on all others factors observed

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A regular operator adult driver license is a _________ driver license and is issued to drive motor vehicles (not a commercial motor vehicle or motorcycle.)

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The traffic sign show here means?

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To avoid from getting lost, Its acceptable to read maps for guidance while driving

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A 15-year-old is legally allowed to obtain a Utah Driver’s License

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The traffic sign shown means

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If you have never been licensed in Utah, or any other State in the USA, its territories and islands

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The traffic sign shown means

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If you are in a motor vehicle accident with injury or property damage of $2500 or more, you are required to file a police report within ____ days.

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If you are involved in an accident with an unattended vehicle; you are free to leave without taking any further action

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When travelling in the same direction as the vehicle ahead at night, dim your lights _____________, before you approach the car ahead.

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The number one cause of motor vehicle crash fatalities on Utah roadways is _____________?

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Primary cause of death on Utah highways is

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The basic speed limit for a residential area is

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When both a painted crosswalk lines and a stop sign appear at an intersection. You should stop your vehicle

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The ___________ of a traffic sign, is helpful in identifying its general meaning

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The traffic sign shown means

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You must report your change of address to the Driver License Division within ___ days of moving.

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A pedestrian vehicle is defined as

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Suspension of driving privilege means

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The traffic sign shown means

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All of the following physical or mental impairments shall be reported to the driver’s license division, EXCEPT

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Change of address notification to the Driver’s License Division shall be done within ___ days of the move.

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Insurance rates for of a 40yr old could be higher than a rate for a 16yr old-depending on driving record

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Most insurance companies offer “good student discount” for students who maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher in high school or college studies.

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Legally licensed residents of US States, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, aged 16years and older may drive in Utah

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If you are suspected of drunk driving, placed under arrest by a peace officer and asked to submit to a standardized testing, you

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Your responsibility as a motorist while operating a motor vehicle, in relation to that of a pedestrian is

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If you are unable to understand highway signs in ______ Language, you cannot be issued a Utah license.

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