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Quiz Three


Quiz Three

Salt Lake International Driving School LLC, (Feb 2021)

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The traffic sign shown below on the right means

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The basic speed law for a residential area is

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When you apply for a duplicate driver’s license at the local office; you may be required to provide proof of

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The traffic sign show below on the right is

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At the freeway entrance ramp

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A head check is not required, so long as you can see approaching traffic in your mirrors

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During poor weather conditions or snow storms, Motorists are encourage to

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Failure to pay traffic fines from any state that is in the interstate compact agreement will prevent you from obtaining a Utah Driver’s License

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What’s “Not-a-drop” as it relates to alcohol and motor vehicle operations?

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All of the following is true about Pedestrian in traffic; EXCEPT

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You may apply for a renewal of your unrestricted driver’s license no sooner than ____ months of its expiration date.

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What’s the alcohol legal limit in Utah as it relates to motor vehicle operation?

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If you ONLY hold Motorcycle license in Utah, you are required to take Driver education before getting regular driver’s license

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All Motor vehicles are required to have a horn

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The traffic sign shown means

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The traffic shown below  will be classified as

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Motorists are not required to yield for bicyclists; as all roadways have bicycle lane and bicyclists are required to stay out of normal traffic lanes.

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________, act provides that a person under 21 years of age driving with any measurable amount of alcohol in his/her body will have all driving privileges denied for 120 days on the first offense.

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It’s a _________ to drive a motor vehicle in this state and your _________ shall be rendered to the division when requested by the law.

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Before backing up your motor vehicle; you are required to _____ and ___ for approaching traffic.

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Motor vehicle crash reports can be released to all of the parties following EXCEPT

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As a motor vehicle operator; you are required to carry in your vehicle all of the following EXCEPT

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All of the following is true about bicyclists as it relates to motor vehicle operation; EXCEPT

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__________ is defined as operating a vehicle in a willful and or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.

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Upon moving to a new address, you are not required to notify the division as all information will be forward to the division by the post office.

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It is unsafe to disregard regulatory sign, however it’s not against the law. You cannot be stopped and issued a citation for failing to obey regulatory signs.

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When signaled to stop by a lawful peace officer from the rear

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The traffic sign shown below is

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The traffic sign show below is

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A motor vehicle collision is only reportable if property damage exceeds $1000.00

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In the event of a loss of your driving privilege card; you are required to

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Active Duty military personal, who hold out of state driver’s license are required to apply and test for a Utah driver’s license once stationed in Utah.

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All of the following are penalties for conviction of impaired driving EXCEPT

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The _______________ requires that you take a chemical test for alcohol upon the lawful request of a peace officer; or your driving privilege could be suspended

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The traffic sign show below  means

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Insurance rates for of a 40yr old could be higher than a rate for a 16yr old-depending on driving record

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You must stop for a school bus with flashing red lights

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All over the counter medications are safe to take and do not affect motor vehicle operations.

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The traffic sign shown below on the left is

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If involved in a motor vehicle collision; you must do all of the following EXCEPT

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The “Stop sign” is used for parking near intersections

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A solid red light at an intersection means

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In Utah, you are required to renew your motor vehicle registration every ____ months.

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The traffic sign shown below is

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On a two way road, when a school bus with a flashing red signal is stopped on either side of the road. Motorists are required to

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What's the implied Consent Law?

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You are stopped at an intersection and are about to make a left turn, when another vehicle is approaching the intersection from the opposite direction. You should

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Of the following traffic light, which one indicates the need to slow down and exercise caution at the intersection

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All motor vehicles with the exception of motorcycles are required to have insurance-Motorcycles riders do not require insurance coverage

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What is the Driver License compact Act?

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