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Online Drivers Ed Course

Online Drivers Ed Course

Program Overview

This course satisfies the Utah Driver License Drivers Ed requirements for all first-time drivers under age 19, and adults over 19 years of age wishing to waive the mandatory 90-day learner permit hold period who are required to complete the classroom portion of the complete Drivers Ed program.

This course consists of 5 components, which will take an average student 35-40 hours to complete. These components include attending/reading through 9-online self-paced courses, watching lesson-related videos online using the links provided in the course, completing a workbook that is to be submitted to the school for grading, completing one practical assignment of your choice from the given options in the course and a final proctored written test with a required passing grade of 80% to graduate.

Most students will complete this course within two weeks with an average first-time passing rate of 98%. However, completion time and results will vary depending on the individual student.

This course can be completed before or after obtaining a Utah learners permit from the Utah Driver License Division. While SLIDES cannot guarantee a passing grade on the Official Driver License Exam, we will equip you with the material and confidence you need to take and perform your best at once.

Begin by ordering our online Driver’d Ed Program.  Once you have submitted your payment, you will receive an email invitation with a link to get started with a unique password to the platform.  


Online Drivers Ed Course