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State Skills Road Test

State Skills Road Test

Program Overview

As a Department of Public of Public Safety, Driver License Division approved third party tester, Salt Lake International Driving School is here to offer you this final skills assessment. The State Road Test takes an average of 20-25 minutes at the lowest price in town. You can take this test in your personal or school owned, state certified vehicle.

This behind-the-wheels practical skills assessment session is the state-required final driving test for all new Utah driver’s license applicants and those reinstating after medical or other administrative suspensions. The assessment covers basic driving skills including left and right turns, lane changes, starting and safe stopping, proper turn signal usage, traffic and blind spot checks, along with the 5-state required mandatory maneuvers including Straight Line Backing, Parking uphill or downhill with a curb, Parallel parking, Three-point turns and U-Turn (single lane or multi-lane).

At the end of this assessment, our instructor will provide you with feedback on your performance for your future safe driving on Utah roadways. With a passing score of 80% or above, you will be issued a sealed certificate of exam which you will turn into the Driver License issuance to apply for your official license. If necessary to retake this test after a failing grade, you are allowed to re-take this test after a 24-hour waiting period from the last test. There is a fee required per test.

Begin by ordering our state skills road test.  Once you have submitted your payment, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to book your appointment.  No REFUNDS for this test once scheduled. However, it can be re-scheduled once with a 24-hour advance notice by phone only.


State Skills Road Test