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Teen/Adult Drivers Education – $379.99

Program Overview

Per Utah Driver License Division, all first-time applicants for Utah Driver License under the age of 19 years are required to complete a full Driver Education Course. Those over the age of 19 years wishing to waive the learner’s permit holding period are also required to show proof of Drivers Education completion. A complete Driver Education program consists of classroom training and state minimum Behind the wheels training course. Salt Lake International Driving School offers both of these in two settings. Students will enroll in an online 30-hour self-paced classroom material to be completed at the student’s convenience. Students will also complete their 6 hours of the wheels skills training concurrently or consecutively. If a student is already in possession of a learner’s permit at enrollment, the student can enroll for the online class and attend the skills training sessions at concurrently. If the student does not have a learner’s permit at enrollment, the student will complete the online classroom as a preparation for the state written test, Once the student is issued a student learner’s permit, they will schedule their behind-the-wheels skills sessions and complete them consecutively.

This complete Driver Education program is optional for students over the age of 19 years unless they intend to waive the minimum learners permit holding period, at which point, this course becomes mandatory.