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Salt Lake City’s Premier Driving Instruction Service.  

Private Driving Session ($55/Hour-2 Hours Minimum)

Private Driving Session ($55/Hour-2 Hours Minimum)

Program Overview

In this one-on-one training session, Salt Lake International Driving will provide the student with a 15-minute skills assessment to help develop a customized plan to meet the student’s specific training needs. Whether you are new to the area and need refresher practical hours to join Utah roadway users safely or need additional practical skills to prepare for the State Skills Road test, we will customize a program for your success. All private drive training sessions are completed in school-provided, state-certified dual brake-equipped vehicles.

Package discounts, pick-ups, and drop-offs are available for packages exceeding 6 hours of training. No pickup is offered for a 2-hour session. Please note, pick up and drop off time is part of your scheduled hours. No additional fees are required.

Begin by ordering our private drives.  Please note there is a 2 our minimum.  Once you have submitted your payment, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to book your appointment. No REFUNDS are allowed for private driving sessions once scheduled. It can be re-scheduled once with a 24-hour advance notice.


Private Driving Session ($55/Hour-2 Hours Minimum)